Credits and Special Thanks

LeRoy "Skillz" Blanchard Took over the site on 10/31/08; Current site owner. Responsible for turning what was just an "Index Of" page to a full out web site.
Julio "Baiter" Gonzales Started the site on 1/26/06; then later transferred it all to Skillz.
{MZ}DAMNJULIO Created the current logo graphics located at the top of almost every page.
Sp0ngeb0b Is responsible for majority of all the downloads descriptions.
~V~ Was a big help in the making of the automated script to transfer files to the redirect site.
DieHard Pretty much helped get the Unreal, Unreal II, Unreal Tourmanent 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3 file content setup. He uploaded over 100GB worth of data to get it started. He also helped greatly with the UnCodeX project.
adminthis Maintains the iptocountry server hosted by
GF-REX Helps with all kinds of things, including helping with the setup of the Links page. He also maintains the Operation Na Pali site hosted by
Matthew 'MSuLL' Sullivan Regularly adds files to the downloads repository, plus helps keep the iptocountry server updated.
SoNY_scarface Helps keep the iptocountry server updated.